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Avene Milky Gel EX50mL + Avene Water 50g lotion cream

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Pattern name (kind): Milky Gel EX50mL + Avene Water 50g
Milky Gel EX50mL + Avene Water 50g
[Milky Gel EX] "Brand name: Avene Milky Gel EX" Delivers plenty of the natural blessings of southern France to the skin, and lasts 24 hours*. A highly moisturizing one-step care gel that leads to moist and smooth skin that tends to be rough. A one-step lotion and milky lotion that melts into the skin without stickiness. The next morning the skin is also moist. * 24-hour moisturizing data obtained Avene hot spring water ** blended ** hot spring water (skin conditioning ingredient)
[Avennuo-ta- (J)] "Brand name: Avene Water" Avene hot spring water* from southern France, "water good for the skin", is bottled directly from the source. A spray-type lotion that supports the skin's moisture barrier and keeps it healthy. Smoothly suppresses the heat of the skin and gradually prepares it to a quiet state. Replenishes plenty of moisture to your skin and body after washing your face. It can be used for babies from 1 month old. *Hot spring water (skin conditioning ingredient) No fragrance, no coloring, alcohol (ethanol) free, preservative free Manufactured in a sterile room
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