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Cup Noodle 50TH ANNIVERSARY Seafood Noodle Humidifier

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Cup Noodles
Seafood noodles Humidifier

A humidifier joins the popular 50th anniversary book series of Cup Noodles!
This magazine's exclusive item is a humidifier that looks just like seafood noodles.
No matter where you look at it, the finish is surprisingly similar.
Steam drifts from the gap in the lid,
Moisturize the air in your room.

Add water and connect the included USB cable,
Humidification immediately after switching on.

Easy USB power supply type & ultrasonic type that does not get hot, perfect for safety.

With a humidifier that seems to have a "delicious scent",
Have a moist day♪

[Size] (approx.)
Height 12.1 x Diameter 9.6 cm [Maximum]

[Capacity] 250mL

With USB cable (80 cm) and water supply core (2, 1 already set)