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Kose Cosmeport Jureme Amino Deep Repair Algae Hair Mask 200g

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Features Intensive treatment for severely damaged hair Concentrated seaweed hair mask Impact repair! Stay impressed!
18 kinds of amino acids x dual algae (green & red algae) Essence S (moisturizer)
Moisturizing all day long, glossy, moist, coherent, elastic, finger-friendly

Dosage/Dosage/Method of use <Method of use>
○ Please use at the end of care such as shampoo treatment.
○ After shampooing, remove moisture and apply an appropriate amount to the entire hair. After a few minutes, rinse well.

Rich moisturizing with 3 types of moisturizing essences that are luxuriously blended.
A rich and moist coat that prevents damage and makes the hair manageable.

Contains 18 kinds of amino acids*! Thoroughly repairs repeated damage.
Even hair that has been damaged and stiffened can be melted all day long.
◆Contains 18 kinds of amino acids*, nano-damage repair ingredients, and vitamins (antioxidants in products) ◆Color keeping and moisture protection formula ◆Contains amino coat ingredients and sleek coat ingredients (hair coat) Multi-damage care: dry, heat, ultraviolet rays, static electricity, hair curl