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PIAFLOSS fragrance mint or rose piercing hole cleaning cleaner PIAFLOSS stain remover piercing hole cleaning disinfection care products JAN: 4521947001456

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Product name: Pia floss Material: Japanese paper (about 60 pieces)
Fragrance: mint or rose herb water: natural extract, alcohol (5ml)

The piercing holes are full of dirt, mixed with leftover soap and shampoo, peeled skin and sweat.
Dirt builds up without you realizing it, and it can also cause unpleasant odors and dermatitis.
The floss containing herb water is just the right thickness to fit your piercing!
When you slowly pull out the floss, it cares for your skin while absorbing dirt.
You can choose from two types, mint scent and rose scent.
Japanese paper floss and herbal water set

Title: mint