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FANCL Face wash powder 2 pieces (about 60 days) Face wash Additive-free (sebum/keratin plug/darkening) Rich foam Moisturizing moist foam face wash Foam JAN:4908049529352

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[Powder facial cleanser that cleanses the skin to the finest smoothness] A powder-type facial cleanser that quickly creates fluffy bubbles and gently cleanses with dense, dense foam. While the dense, fluffy foam protects the moisture, it smoothly removes unnecessary stratum corneum such as sebum, keratin plugs, and blackheads. It transforms the skin into a skin that draws in the lotion to be used later and prevents dryness.
[Face wash from powder to dense foam that does not rub] Quickly dissolves in water, making it easy to create dense and fluffy foam. Even while washing your face, the rich and dense foam is fine and firm all the time, and it washes without rubbing, so it does not stress your skin.
[Clean off sebum and square plugs! For fresh and smooth skin] The "film" of the foam is thick, so the foam will not break and will continue to be elastic. A cleansing ingredient that can remove only unnecessary things and a formula that leaves the skin moisturized. Experience smooth and taut skin.