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Milbon Grand Linkage Salon Treatment 4+ 9g×4

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Product Description For those who want to maintain the shape and color of their fresh salon color The key to beauty is the shape and color.
Maintains beautiful "shape" and "color" immediately after salon coloring,
New color care brand “Grand Linkage”
Even at home, it stays beautiful just after the salon color.
Makes hair beautiful and shiny for women of all ages.

3 features ・Hair shape care ・Fade control effect ・Selectable texture

● Salon care [3 lines to choose from depending on the texture of the finish]
・Normal course - smooth (for soft hair)
・ Plus course - supple (for normal hair)
・X course - moist (for hard/curly hair)

Refreshing fresh fruity based on orange

★ Salon Treatment 4+
+Course 4th STEP
Flexible (for normal hair)