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Metabarrier EX Supplement About 30 Days 240 Tablets Salacia Foods with Function Claims JAN:4547410368987

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For those with a higher BMI

【Internal capacity】
240 tablets (for about 30 days)

[Product Features]
Metabarrier EX is a supplement to support the health habits of the following people: Those who like carbohydrates such as noodles. Those who find it difficult to lose weight. Those who want to improve their intestinal environment.

[Raw material name]
Indigestible dextrin (dietary fiber) (manufactured in the United States), salacia concentrate extract, red wine polyphenol, chromium-containing yeast/crystalline cellulose, green tea extract, calcium carbonate, calcium stearate, fine silicon oxide, brightening agent, enzyme-treated rutin

[Recommended amount of intake]
8 tablets per day Depending on the content and volume of meals, divide 2 to 4 tablets into 3 times a day, and take them with water before meals.

made in Japan

[Expiration date] *Unopened June 2025