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Mentholatum Melty Cream Lip Set of 5 Hawaiian Pancake Fragrance

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Mentholatum Melty Cream Lip Set of 5

The scent of Hawaiian pancakes.
soft and smooth lips

It reacts with lips and moisture in the air to retain moisture,
Adopts "moist bank technology" that turns into cream.
A soft and smooth application like never before, as if the cream were melting.
With just one swipe, it melts at your body temperature and blends into your lips, protecting them with the highest level*1 of moisture.

UV cut (SPF25/PA+++).
Contains squalane and multi-ceramide*2 as moisturizing ingredients.

A limited flavor lip that makes you feel like you've traveled abroad!
Every time you apply it, the scent of coconut-flavored Hawaiian pancakes that you eat for breakfast in Hawaii spreads.

No color on lips.
Offices where dryness is a concern, going out on cold days, lipstick bases,
Recommended for a variety of occasions, such as days when repainting is difficult.

*1: Within the Mentholatum lip series, *2: Ceramide 2, Ceramide 3, Ceramide 6II