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No outer box Special Set FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil 120ml & Deep Clear Cleansing Powder

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*As shown in the photo, there is no outer box for the cleansing oil.

●A pore-smoothing set of mild cleansing oil and deep clear cleansing powder.
● Mild cleansing oil: A cleansing oil that has both high cleansing power and moisturizing power. Removes stubborn dirt and makeup clogged in pores without rubbing. Moisture is felt every time you wash, and fine wrinkles caused by dryness become inconspicuous.
●Deep Clear Face Washing Powder…Contains enzymes, charcoal, and adsorbed mud! Dirt that cannot be removed with regular face washing is decomposed and removed cleanly by "adsorption". Contains sugar and hyaluronic acid. Enzyme cleansing eliminates the worry about "skin tightness".

● Set contents: 120ml of mild cleansing oil + 30 pieces of deep clear cleansing powder