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Set of 2 Pigeon UV Baby Milk Waterproof SPF50+ 50g

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Pigeon UV baby milk waterproof SPF50+ 50g

For strong UV protection. The perfect sunscreen for those who don't want to burn anyway.
It is a waterproof type that is strong against sweat and water and has a long-lasting effect.

SPF50+・PA++++ to protect your skin from UV damage.
Contains moisturizing ingredients (ceramide and hyaluronic acid) that tend to be lost under the influence of UV rays.
Skin care can be done while cutting UV rays.

There are two types of capacities: 20g, which is recommended for first-time users, and 50g, which is recommended for those who want to use it every day.

No organic UV absorbers, no coloring, no fragrance.
Suitable for newborn babies and adults with sensitive skin.

Skin irritation tested by a dermatologist.
(It does not mean that skin trouble does not occur for everyone)

* When removing, wash it off carefully with baby soap.

*Because it is a waterproof type, it may become difficult to remove if your skin gets wet.
In that case, apply baby soap etc. to gauze or sponge, lather well and rinse thoroughly.